Cygnet Totes come in four unique styles, each quoting a song on the Cygnet EP by Petra Jasmiina.

The SHEERAN Tote is love at first sight. "You have me by the very first chord" and, if you'll let it, it'll carry your tune for you for the rest of time. And all your stuff, too.

Cygnet totes are made of durable, sustainable material. By using this tote you're supporting an indie artist and helping reduce the amount of plastic bags in nature.

Limited edition, offer is valid while supplies last.


  • Your Cygnet Tote will fly directly to your doorstep for a delivery fee of 5 USD (added to every order in USA).

    If you're outside USA, no worries! We're happy to deliver to you for a fee calculated by USPS. Just choose the option right before checkout.

  • Cygnet totes are made of extra durable, sustainable material that is machine-washable (cold wash). By using this eco-tote you are supporting an indie artist and helping reduce the amount of plastic waste in nature. I hope you wear it proudly and often.

Photography: Ron Retamales-Tiska  @ronreta
Photography & Videography:  Aleksei Postnikov @thatrussianguy
Design: Petra Jasmiina, WIX

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