"Naïve" is a profoundly autobiographical fairytale inspired by Marie Antoinette, Bridgerton, and Jane Austen - a serenade to those that dare to dream.

"Naïve" - Official Video, by Finnish-origin independent singer-songwriter Petra Jasmiina is an ode to independent artists' resilience..."

- Michael Major, BroadwayWorld Music
October 2022

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"When she started writing music at 9, she had no idea that songwriting is a highly creative skill. Some people are just born to create great music!
Watch the video and see if you also fall in love with “Hours.
I certainly did!"

- Louise, Offstage Tunes, January 28th, 2020

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"We’ve had the pleasure of having Petra perform regularly at our series since we launched back in the summer of 2018 and are proud to see her quickly become a dynamic songwriting force.

Listening to Petra takes me back to a time when songs were songs. She’s a natural born weaver of poetry and melody, and there’s a sweetness to her voice that is unmistakable."

- Scott Krokoff & Jeff Jacobs,
founders of
Writer's Room Songwriter Series 


"Petra is a welcomed, bright new voice in the world of singer-songwriters. Her honest, reflective songs are catchy and relatable with just the right amount of Nordic Twist. What she brings musically can only be matched by her intelligence, drive and SISU." 

- Johanna Telander, singer-songwriter
& creator of Kalevala The Musical