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"Naïve is a starry-eyed revolution"

"Naïve" is an ode to the dreamers. It's a deeply autobiographical dark fairytale where starry-eyed artists and hopeless romantics step out of the shadows of a world of hard fact and crushing realism, own up to their inner dreamers, wild artists and shameless idealists and choose to live by chasing dreams and believing in the good in people.

The world has never needed artists, creatives and imaginers more than right now - especially those buried deep inside us. By stepping into the light as “a naïve” I wish to inspire others to claim the title as well – and share the throne.

Or, as the song puts it, "I've been waiting for so long to dream with you."

- Petra Jasmiina



YCHM (feat. Wind Meets West) Single / February 12th 2021
Music & Lyrics Petra Jasmiina, Wind Meets West Production & Instruments Wind Meets West 

Cygnet EP Album / October 5th 2019
Music & Lyrics Petra Jasmiina Production Craig Levy, Petra Jasmiina Guitar Olli Hirvonen Violin Valev Laube

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