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Our initials are carved on a bamboo somewhere in India

In the archives we smile and wave in a vacuum of youth and euphoria

And I know it was a decade ago, but you’re on my mind

as fresh as the falling snow

Our footsteps in the sand of an island in the Andaman

Little did we know back then that soon I’d leave you for this land

And although it was a decade ago, you’re on my mind

as often as the waves flow

I still see you in my dreams and my mind tries to age you but it can’t,

‘cause it doesn’t know

What time has achieved, what the years have put you through,

you’re a man now and I loved a boy

I see you on your front porch, smiling with your baby in your arms

Just like you once held me on the shores, under bending palms, somewhere in India

It was a quick turn, we were lost in the rearview

Kissed by the curb, there was blood in our bedroom

And although life has torn us apart, somewhere

out there, on the road, deep under the dirt, we are India

Copyright: Petra Jasmiina

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