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Dreamers against the world

Dreamers against the world: The new music video by Petra Jasmiina is an ode to the resilience and imagination of independent artists everywhere Singer-songwriter Petra Jasmiina is known for her eccentric storytelling and a signature fairytale flair, reminding us of the magic and beauty around us even when times seem dark. Her new music video, “Naïve”, is the perfect dose of dreamy escapism we all need right now, with just a touch of the melodrama that is life as an artist. “Naïve”, the Official Video to the latest single by independent singer-songwriter Petra Jasmiina is a deeply autobiographical fairytale and a serenade to those that dare to dream. The extended music video, inspired by Marie Antoinette, Bridgerton and Jane Austen, is set in New York City, where the Finnish artist has carved a career as an independent artist for the past decade, and reflects the brutal love story between the city and its wide-eyed dreamers.

The satirical fairytale written and directed by the artist herself, and filmed by Brooklyn-based Aleksei Postnikov (That Russian Guy Production), takes us around the city, from majestic Conservatory Gardens to gritty indie music stages, as seen through the macaroon-coloured lense of its stubbornly escapist characters - or “naïves” - who, despite their struggles with harsh reality, refuse to stop believing in art, beauty and the amazing power of imagination. This commitment to naïvete is, in fact, at the heart of the entire project; the self-funded video, filmed over three days with the help and support of nearly twenty independent creators of various kinds, is the perfect example of the big dreams, the scrappiness and the crafty entrepreneurship of today’s independent creator.

The visual world of the video – from corsets, gardens and cupcake-shaped hems to running mascara and eviction bills, the film is a delicious paradox of old and new, luxurious and mundane, romantic and brutal. The core inspiration for the video came from the story and reputation of Marie Antoinette, the notoriously flamboyant queen, who, in the eyes of the artist, was the most grandious naïve of all. “There has always been something delicious to me about Marie Antoinette. The juxtaposition of the beauty and the ugliness, the innocence and the ignorance… her flair for indulgence and the complete and utter disregard for the world outside her rosy bubble were terrible traits for a queen, but might be exactly what we common peasants need more of in the world today. It’s a rough reality out there. Sometimes you just have to stop, eat some cake and smell the flowers.” Don’t be fooled by the lace and the frosting; Petra Jasmiina comes with a mission. “I want to give people permission to dream. To open their minds to wide-eyed wonder, infinite possibility and the innate creativity and imagination often lost and forgotten in adulting. I want chasing your dreams to be the rule, not the exception, for romance to be put back on its pedestal and for believing the best of people to be a strength, not a weakness. Or, as the song puts it: ‘I’ve been waiting for so long to dream with you.’

In a world of tough realism and hard facts, Petra Jasmiina offers us a much needed respite into her imagination. Turning Central Park into her palace and the curb into a meadow, she anoints herself the Queen of Reckless Daydreaming - and invites you to join her court.

“Naïve – Official Video” by Petra Jasmiina premieres on YouTube Sunday October 16th, 8 PM EST. Subscribe now at

You can also find “Naïve” on all major music platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. Find your platform through or follow @petrajasmiina across social media.

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