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"JACKIE O LAKE" out now!

Nearly 8 years ago I packed my life into a suitcase, got on a plane and left everything – my job, my family, my friends and my home in Finland - to chase a dream of making music in New York City. “Jackie O Lake” is a time capsule to my hard landing in New York, a rude awakening to the realities of this City of Dreamers, and an ode to perseverance and staying in the game.

This self- produced cinematic alt-pop anthem, inspired by the styles of Lana Del Rey, London Grammar and Adele, combines electronic pop with classical strings, featuring violinist Scott Tran.

This song, like its namesake place in Central Park, NYC, is a glimmer of hope and beauty amidst chaos. It has carried me though my worst times with its simple, explicit message: "Just wait, it will get better", and now I hope it carries you too.


Petra Jasmiina - Jackie O Lake

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